Monday, March 28, 2011

Parallels Virtuozzo Linux vzbackup error

Last week, I installed a new PVC Linux 4.6 node, and added it as a slave to an existing PVA (Parallels Virtual Automation) group.
I use the vzbackup cronjob to backup all the containers on the hardware nodes.
The node that initiates the backup cronjob, had PVC Linux 4.0 installed, all the other slave nodes have version 4.0 installed as well.

The backup of the new 4.6 node failed with this error message:

vzbackup(2861): Starting backup. Nodes - virtuozzo10
vzbackup(2861): Starting node virtuozzo10 backup...
vzbackup(2861): Checking backup version on virtuozzo10 ... use vzbackup 4.6.0-9
vzbackup(2861): Starting node virtuozzo10 backup...
vzbackup(2861): Starting backup CT 1(virtuozzo10)...
bash: /usr/share/vzbackup-4.6.0-9.swsoft/vzbackup1: No such file or directory
vzbackup(2861): Can not read layout version for CT 1(virtuozzo10)
vzbackup(2861): No containers intended for backup found on virtuozzo10

The cause of this error message is that vzbackup 4.0 cannot create backups of containers on a 4.6 node.

Luckily, the other way around does work. After upgrading the node that initiates backups from 4.0 to 4.6, backups of the new node succeeded.
Backups of the other 4.0 nodes also remained successfully.

Using vzbackup on a PVC 4.6 node to backup 4.0 nodes is a supported method by Parallels.

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