Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Install Active Directory Domain Services on Server Core

To install active directory on windows server 2008, server core edition, you must first create an answer file for the unattended installation, because server core does not offer the GUI wizard.
This sample answer file is to install a new domain in a new forest, with the installation of a DNS server.

InstallDNS = Yes
ConfirmGc = Yes
DNSOnNetwork = no
DomainLevel = 2
DomainNetBiosName= mydomain
ForestLevel = 2
NewDomain = Forest
NewDomainDNSName = mydomain
Password = mypassword
ReplicaOrNewDomain = Domain
SafeModeAdminPassword = mypassword

Save this file as "answerfile.txt" and then run the following command:

dcpromo /answer:answerfile.txt

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